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“Amazing and touching performance! Rebecca Rubino was fabulous as ‘Jo.’ Worth going to see!”

– Goldstar review from the 2012 production of LITTLE WOMEN

“Took my cousins to see this production a while back , I enjoyed it and so did they . They are presenting it again in a new location . Highly recommended for little women , big(adult) women , and the people who love them .”  

– Timothy Tyler

“You did an amazing job with LITTLE WOMEN!!! Let us know what you are working on next!” 

– Linda Pace from the 2012 production

“A lovely afternoon, wonderful music, heartwarming story and the actors were very talented. I had not seen this show before, but was captivated from the start.” 

– Goldstar review from the 2012 production of LITTLE WOMEN

“LITTLE WOMEN the musical is based on Louisa May Alcott’s beloved story of Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March. The story begins one Christmas during Civil War America. Audiences of all ages will enjoy this musical. Audiences will laugh and maybe cry. Bring the whole family and friends to celebrate Christmas with this classic.”

– Alyson Ben-Joseph, promotion for this 2014 production