10343482_606875450996_148678800687377087_nAurora and Kenneth were wed on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 3:14 p.m at Hope Lutheran Church in Westminster, California. The entire ceremony was conducted ala “Princess Bride” including sword fights and a funny Bishop. Guests were encouraged to dress in costume of any fictional character. Many Disney princesses and princes attended as well as several Harry Potter characters.

The reception was held on the church grounds mashing a theme of “Doctor Who” and “Harry Potter”. Meat pies were served as the entrees and dessert pies accompanied the wedding cake.

The couple will honeymoon in London and Scotland.

Please join us in sending Aurora and Kenneth our fondest congratulations!11025199_606875595706_61575847932165922_n11060026_10152759165515994_8670031809421213083_n