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Welcome back to our continued interview with Nicholas Thurkettle, author of Earbud Theater: Live

Where do your ideas come from?

Questions that nag at me. Aspects of human nature I want to poke at. Or I’ll just get inspired by a particular creative work and want to try my hand at something like it.

How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?

I believe I’ve become much better at doing the work whether I’m inspired to or not. Understanding how to prepare an outline and pace out a work session provides an incredibly helpful foundation. And I feel like the writing is coming from a more authentic place – we’re always borrowing from the works that have inspired us, but I feel like I’m having to consciously lean on that stuff less and get to draw more from what’s within; I’m really excited when I see what emerges from that.

What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?

My latest book isn’t even out yet, it’s called A Sickness in Time and EVERYTHING was hard about it! I was on a terrifyingly short deadline and had very little outlining to go by, so every day I was discovering the book at a mad velocity, and just hoping that my accumulated sense of craft was creating stuff in the right way that it could all come to a clean and comprehensible resolution. And the book is about time travel! I hope I never do something like that to myself again.

Where can you see yourself in 5 years time?

I’m really excited about the fronts I’m pushing forward on now, creatively; whether it’s writing in all these media, publishing, acting, filmmaking, voicework. For the next five years, I just want MORE of it! I would love to continue growing in terms of the artists I’m collaborating with and the quality and ambition of my own work; and I would love for life to achieve more of a balance to where I’m tending to myself sufficiently to keep the creative work fresh, where I get to weigh inspiration a little more heavily against expediency or money in choosing where I’m applying myself each day.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Publishing books is proving to be habit-forming. As is making my own films in lieu of hoping others will make them (even though I’m still totally open to that happening, Hollywood…). I’d love to write a full-length stage play I really feel thrilled about – I’ve written a few but none of them feel like they’ve cleared that bar yet, so I keep working at it.

 What book/s are you reading at present?

Finally reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I’m still totally vulnerable to a classic adventure.

Which writers inspire you?

Shakespeare, of course! Vonnegut. Raymond Chandler. Douglas Adams – Adams is one of those I crib from so much I’m scarcely aware of it half the time. Joss Whedon. Asimov. People bring up Ray Bradbury all the time when they hear Earbud or read one of my sci-fi stories – and yet I’ve barely read him. I should bone up!

What is your favorite movie and why?

Lawrence of Arabia. I can’t think of a movie that contains more of what I love about movies in it. The spectacle of it, the imagery and photography, characters full of ambiguity and mystery and passion, the way you understand it in an entirely new way when you see it on a large screen.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

This is a theme in my next book, the idea of regret being a kind of imaginary time travel. I’m really happy with so much of my life right now, it’s difficult to want to reach back and meddle because while it’s entirely possible I could be somewhere better, I might not, and I’d lose an awful lot of experiences that I loved having. I guess I would say to have faith that you’re worthy of love, to have patience for things that are better because they won’t come easy, and to be generous of yourself with people.

So, what have you written?

Hoo-boy, okay, I’ll stick with works that have either been produced/published or will be in the near future; or, in the case of feature screenplays in Hollywood, gained some kind of legitimate traction beyond just being a drafted pile of paper. The list is long enough even with those rules!:

Prose:  Seeing by Moonlight – Historical/Sci-Fi Thriller novel, co-written with MF Thomas; A Sickness in Time– Sci-Fi Thriller novel, co-written with MF Thomas (coming 1st qtr. 2016); Stages of Sleep – Short Story collection – contains 15 stories, six originally published in various literary magazines, nine exclusively premiering there; The Lake of the Dead – Short Story – Published in the anthology Looking Out and Looking In: Stories from the World of Satellite Technology by Brick Moon Fiction; Fourth Grade – Short Story – Published in the anthology Visions on Visions: Stories from the World of Augmented Reality by Brick Moon Fiction ; 4pants – Short Story – Published by Brick Moon Fiction as a free Valentine’s Day story on their website; The Frog Boogie – Short Story – Published by the literary monthly The Legendary; The Machinery of the Fabulous – Short Narrative Non-Fiction – Published by the literary monthly The Legendary

Film: Queen Lara – Feature Film – Comedy – Purchased by Room 9 Entertainment (Thank You For Smoking, Dumbstruck) and presently in development; 7 Red – Feature Film – Thriller – Optioned by producer Branon Coluccio (The Condemned). Presently packaged with producers Eryl Cochran and Lawrence Steven Meyers for fundraising through Meyers Media Group; Snowblind – Feature Film – Thriller – Represented by producer Nily Refai and presently fundraising; Under the Knife – Feature Film (based on screen story by Antonio Negret) – Action/Adventure – Packaged with director Antonio Negret (Towards Darkness, Arrow) and currently in development; The Hatchling – Feature Film – Comedy – *SEMI-FINALIST* 2013 Screenplay Festival – Comedy; Wish I Were Here – Feature Film Story (screenplay by Scott Lipanovich) – Family Drama – Optioned by producer/director Arthur Allen Seidelman (The Sisters), and presently in development; Samantha Gets Back Out There – Short Film – Drama – Official selection of the Laughlin International Film Festival and IndieFest USA Film and Music Festival

Audio DramaEarbud Theater Episodes: Habitat (*adapted from my screenplay of the same name); Escape! (The End of Humanity Song); The Sounds Below; Bubbles (*a reading of my short story of the same name); The 2038 State of the Union; Scary Ride (coming October or November 2015); Boney McGee (premiering at Earbud Theater Live!) Monday for the Sweepers (coming November or December 2015)

StagePublic Speaking – Full-Length – Drama, *FINALIST* – OC-Centric New Play Festial 2013; Hotel Chicago – Full-Length – Comedy, Produced in staged reading by Ghostlight Productions at The Complex Hollywood; The Rothko – One-Act – Drama,       *WINNER* – World premiere production at 4th Annual OC-Centric New Play Festial,       directed by Richard Stein, August 2014; Between 3 and 4 – One-Act – Comedy,          Produced at the Hartmann Center Lab Theater, *WINNER* Bradley University Creative Expo – Judges’ Prize, *WINNER* Bradley University Creative Expo – Audience Award,    *RUNNER-UP* American College Theater Festival One-Act Playwriting Competition –     Midwest Region; A Point of Honor – 10-Minute – Comedy,*WINNER* – Lakeshore Players Theatre‘s 8th Annual 10-minute Play Competition. Staged at their 10-minute Play Festival in June 2012. *FINALIST* – “Snowdance”, Over Our Head Players’ 10th Annual 10-Minute Comedy Festival. Staged Jan.-Mar. 2014, Staged August 2015 Shakespeare Orange County as pre-show entertainment for their production of As You Like It. Directed by Amanda Zarr; The Jersey Kid – 10-Minute – Comedy,       *WINNER* – Selected for production at the 3rd Annual “SHORTS!” Playwrights Festival   in North Hollywood, CA. Staged June 2014.; *WINNER* – Selected for production at the Summer Shorts showcase by the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA. Staged July/August 2014.; Log Pros – 10-Minute – Comedy, Commissioned by OTE Theatre/Shakespeare in the Hills as pre-show entertainment for their Summer 2015 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Staged July/Aug. 2015.; A Sly Trick – 10-Minute – Comedy, Commissioned by OTE Theatre/Shakespeare in the Hills as pre-show entertainment for their Summer 2014 production of The Taming of the Shrew. Staged Aug. 2014.; So Much Ado – 10-Minute – Comedy, Commissioned by OTE Theatre as pre-show entertainment for their Summer 2013 production of Much Ado About Nothing. Staged Aug. 2013.; Christmas Pizza – 10-Minute – Comedy, Premiere production by Hogmanay Productions in their showcase The 12 Plays of Christmas, Staged Dec. 2013 at the Charles Stuart Howard Playhouse in their festival Hard CandyChristmas; Jessica and Judy Bother a Hobo – 10-minute – Comedy, Written for the Long Beach Playhouse‘s 24 Hour Theatre showcase. Staged Ap. 2014.; A Night Just Like Tonight – 10-Minute – Comedy, Produced at Sacred Fools Theater Company in their Serial Killers showcase; My Night Gets Worse From Here – 10-Minute – Comedy, Produced at Sacred Fools Theater Company in their Serial Killers showcase; Captain Mom – 10-Minute – Comedy,Produced at Sacred Fools Theater Company in their Fast & Loose showcase; Acne and Braces and Frizz, Oh My! – 10-Minute – Drama, Produced in workshop at the Hartmann Center Lab Theater; Self-Sealing No. 10 – 10-Minute – Comedy,Produced in workshop at the Hartmann Center Lab Theater

Information about the upcoming Halloween production of EARBUD THEATER: LIVE


Laguna Hills, CA – Laguna Hills Community Center

This October 30th at 7pm, and October 31st at 4pm & 7pm, On The Edge Theatre Productions and Earbud Theater   join together at the Laguna Hills Community Center to present a Halloween event unlike any other….

EARBUD THEATER: LIVE is a radio play performance of two unique stories. THE SOUNDS BELOW, a chilling tale about a man in a strange little shop down a lost night street who attempts to make a bargain with his fears, with soul-shattering results. The second show is a world premiere script entitled BONEY MCGEE, debuting exclusively in Laguna Hills, where it will be recorded for later release, with the audience members’ reactions becoming part of the show! So dim the lights, turn up the volume. Let Earbud tell you a story. And if you find yourself wondering, or worrying, or just staring at our strange world from newly un-scaled eyes, just remember – it’s all in your head…

 Tickets are $15 general admission, 12 and under are free with paying adult, and available by registering online at www.ci.laguna-hills.ca.us, or purchasing them, cash only, at the door on show days.  Seat reservations may be made by contacting OTE at (949) 458-2243 or by email to ajculver@otetheatre.com. The Laguna Hills Community Center is located at 25555 Alicia Parkway in Laguna Hills, CA.  For further information on this program and other exciting classes offered by the Laguna Hills Community Center, please call 949-707-2680.