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Our first interview is with Elizabeth Suzanne who plays Lady Macbeth in OTE’s MACBETH

Describe the character you play in 3 sentences or less.
She’s an absolute charmer, a hard worker and loyal femme fatale all in one. She takes any stereotype and adds three sides to it. Lady M is someone driven by passion and inspired by ambition, but is still an accurate representation of humanity.

What similarities do you share with your character?
A deep ambition in life, but not AS extreme

How are you different from your character?
I probably wouldn’t jump to murder to get what I want.

Why do you feel Shakespeare’s plays are still relevant today?
Shakespeare’s plays are made relevant by the situations and the characters and their relationships. There’s never not been a time when people have wanted something greater out of life and had the fantastic daydream of “what if”.

Why do you enjoy performing Shakespeare?
Any chance to do a classic is a dream come true! As well as the thrill of getting those classics out into the community and in an accessible form.

What professional actor do you admire and why?
Marion Cotillard who played Lady M in the 2015 version is one of my inspirations. I find her terrifically versatile and admire her use of extremes and her dedication to solid choices in her style of storytelling.

If acting is not your day job, what is?
Puppeteering at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach!

Describe your perfect Sunday afternoon.
Reading to my hearts content!

Call out someone who MUST see your show!
Anyone who is a fan of blood, supernatural and good ole’ vengeance!

Performance Bio:
Elizabeth Suzanne is thrilled to return to OTE Shakespeare in the Hills for a second time since her debut as Katharina in “Taming of the Shrew”! Elizabeth is a Vanguard University graduate (Theatre Arts & English) who spent last summer studying Shakespeare and His Contemporaries at the London Academy of Musica and Dramatic Art where she had the opportunity to showcase such roles as Don John (Much Ado About Nothing), Gloucester (King Lear) and Mme. Maquerelle (The Malcontent). Other favourite roles have been Blanche Barrow (Bonnie & Clyde), Vivienne (Legally Blonde), Kaa (The Jungle Book), Craven the Raven (Snow White) and Mayella Ewel (To Kill a Mockingbird). Thanks to Josefine for the opportunity to play Lady M, a supportive and wonderful cast, and my family and friends.

Phil Seifert – the dashing Sea Captain in TWELFTH NIGHT

Describe The Character you play in 3 sentences or less:
I am an English ship’s captain who has lost his ship but has saved the young woman whose adventures and adventuresome spirit are one of the linchpins of this story. Once I have introduced her to Orsino (and the audience) I am released to go back to sea, or to become stage-dressing and eye-candy for some of the scenes that follow.

What similarities do you share with your character?
While not a captain, I have spent considerable time at sea in both merchant and naval ships, and have faced severe storms such as that which may have caused the shipwreck that casts Viola and Sebastian ashore. I also have the commitment to the well-being of people in my charge that the Captain exhibited.

How are you different from your character?
I have never lost a ship at sea, nor had to rescue a pretty female passenger, although I do have a souvenir bent propeller tip froma Captain’s gig as a reminder of the dangers of shoal water and I had the “arduous” duty of escorting two attractive teenage girls who were passengers on the cruise ship to which I was assigned during my Sea Year.

Why do you feel Shakespeare’s plays are still relevant today?
Although cultures and societies change over time, the issues people face in those societies are the same – they just have different expressions. Shakespeare’s themes speak to those issues and form a solid foundation upon which each generation can build it’s own expression. The motif remains constant, the chord structure varies.

Why do you enjoy performing Shakespeare?
Since this is my first essay into the world of performing Shakespeare instead of just reading him, I can only say why I decided to try. Having only recently gotten involved in the world of community theatre, I wanted to take on the challenge of contributing to the presentation of this type of theatre and to being able to work with, and learn from, such a talented and experienced cast and production team.

What professional actor do you admire and why?
Max Mclean – the founder and director of the Fellowship of Performing Arts. The work he has done in bringing “The Screwtape Letters” and “The Great Divorce” to the stage, and in performing in them, is truly impressive and demonstrates how a dedicated and accomplished actor can breathe life into the printed word.

If acting is not your day job, what is it?
I am retired from a 46-year career in national defense and national security activities and now have the opportunity to volunteer my time serving in my local church and as Administrative Coordinator for my pastor’s growing radio ministry that’s heard on radio stations in 48 of the “57” states and on 6 international outlets and world-wide via the internet.

Describe your perfect Sunday afternoon?
If I am not in the company of family or friends, I like to put my feet up at home with a good book and some good music on the music system – not my 8-track. Later in the day I will watch two of three of the British detective series’ that I enjoy such as Foyle’s War, Shetland, Vera, Endeavour, or Inspector Lewis.

Call out someone who MUST see your show?
I would not presume to think that anyone MUST see this show just because I am in it. I can think of several people I will invite, including my brothers and sisters who all have much more theatrical experience than I.

Performance Bio for Phil Seifert:
In the brief two years since I became affiliated with the Musical Theatre Village family in Irvine, I have had the opportunity to be on-stage in supporting roles in Music Man, Christmas With Scrooge; Promised Land, Alice, One Cat’s Tale, Bye, Bye Birdie, Annie, Hello Dolly, as “Mr. Brownlow” in Oliver, and most recently as “General Genghis Khan Schmits” in Seussical, The Musical. Whether on stage, or working backstage to help very talented actors of all ages, I am seeing first-hand the truth of the adage that to keep young at heart, it is best to keep the young at hand.