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We are excited to announce the cast of EARBUD THEATER: INVASION

SARAH BERMAN will perform the role of Maloof in “Escape” and the roles of Doris, Luma, and Scientist 2 in “Mektalos”.

DEVA MARIE will play the role of Perla in “Escape” and the roles of Maria, Child, and Countdown Voice in “Mektalos”.

ALEX BAGOSY will perform the role of Marlin in “Escape” and the roles of Mektalos Superior, Embarrassed Father, and Scientist 1 in “Mektalos”.

DANNY MONTOOTH will play the roles of Alex, Flight Attendant, and Waiter in “Escape” and the role of Robbie in “Mektalos”.

PATRICK PETERSON will perform the role of Garland in “Escape” and Jameson in “Mektalos”.

HALEY DUKELOW, SHELLY LEE, and ELLIOT CLARK will perform as Sound Doctors.

Witness the Invasion at the Studio Theater at Long Beach Playhouse. The Sound Doctors of the Earbud Theater lair have cooked up more audio theater to delight and disturb your fragile human minds; but even as they’re proudly presenting strange tales of a heist taking place inside a giant robot, and a signal from beyond our solar system, something may be coming for them, and everyone in the audience, too…

More show information:

Website for tickets: http://www.lbplayhouse.org/show/earbud-theater-live/

EARBUD THEATER: INVASION is a double feature of original science fiction radio plays from the award-winning podcast Earbud Theater. Featured at this unique live performance will be “Escape! (The End of Humanity Song)”, as well as the world premiere of their new script “The Mektalos Caper”. Both scripts are written by Nicholas Thurkettle, author of the acclaimed short story collection “Stages of Sleep” and writer of the upcoming original Crunchyroll anime show “Children of Ether”.

Performances are January 13th and 14th at 8pm. General admission is $15. Students/Seniors are $12.

EARBUD THEATER: INVASION is a joint presentation of Earbud Theater and On The Edge Theatre Productions; produced by Aurora J. Culver and Nicholas Thurkettle, directed by Elizabeth Suzanne, with sound designed by Head Sound Doctor Darren Lodwick. Earbud Theater was created by Casey Wolfe.