Danny Montooth plays Robbie and various other roles in EARBUD THEATER: INVASION.
Describe the characters you play. 

Robbie is a warm, friendly moron who considers himself cunning and sharp by association, as his wife is a brilliant criminal and they always pull jobs together. He’s laid-back, a little too laid-back for someone in his line of work, and always finds the fun in any situation. He loves his wife, Maria, and hopes to get rich quick so they can have the life they’ve always dreamed of, and a few extra beers.

What similarities do you share with your characters?
Robbie and I both always love to find the humor in any situation, have a tendency to get a little overexcited while trying to maintain a laid-back attitude, and are always searching for the simplest solutions to any problem.

How are you different from your characters?

Robbie has no filter between his brain and his mouth and as one hell of an introvert I generally have to convince myself to speak at all, for fear of saying the wrong thing. His brazen approach to life is incredibly fun and freeing to play because it is so unlike myself.

What professional actor do you admire and why?

I’m a huge fan of Doug Jones. The specificity and intricate expertise he brings to his physical creature work and voice work is inspiring to say the least. He’s of the short list of heroes I have met and he  exceeded my expectations with warmth and kindness.

If acting is not your day job, what is?

I’ve been lucky enough to live my passion as a full-time puppeteer for 11 years and a Puppet Specialist/Show Maintenance Specialist for the last 5 years for the Walt Disney Company, training and coaching new talent to the odd and specific art form that is puppetry. When I’m not doing these things for Disney, I branch out to do puppetry/VO on outside projects, as well as teaching puppetry at Musical Theater Orange County.

Describe your perfect Sunday afternoon.

It involves 4-6 people, a fat stack of tabletop games, some scotch, and laughs. I can play board games for hours until my brain gives up and goes foggy, and it’s one of my favorite ways to spend time with my friends. Also wouldn’t say no to a Lord of the Rings (extended edition) marathon!

Call out someone who MUST see your show!
My dad! He got me into wanting to perform at a very young age and continues to inspire.
Danny Montooth is a big kid who has always drawn to the strange and silly in storytelling; his big loves being Puppetry, Creature work, and Voice-Over. He grew up both in Long Beach and in a community theater family (his Dad often performs on this stage!). He’s a Puppeteer and Show Maintenance Specialist for the Walt Disney Company, among a colorful list of other jobs there. He also teaches puppetry for theater and for film & television at Musical Theater Orange County. This is his first outing with Earbud Theater and he’s overjoyed to be on stage with such brilliant, funny, and talented folks!

Show Information
EARBUD THEATER: INVASION is a double feature of original science fiction radio plays performed at the Studio Theater at Long Beach Playhouse.

Performances January 13th and 14th at 8pm.
Long Beach Playhouse: 5021 E. Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA 90804

General Admission – $15
Students/Seniors – $12

Tickets available at

EARBUD THEATER: INVASION is a joint presentation of Earbud Theater and On The Edge Theatre Productions; produced by Aurora J. Culver and Nicholas Thurkettle, directed by Elizabeth Suzanne, with sound designed by Head Sound Doctor Darren Lodwick. Earbud Theater was created by Casey Wolfe.

Featuring the voice talents of:
Alex Bagosy
Sarah Berman
Deva Marie Gregory
Danny Montooth
Patrick Peterson

And the audio talents of:
Elliot Clark
Haley Dukelow
Shelly Lee

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