A huge thank you to all of our audiences for EARBUD THEATER: INVASION!



We had a wonderful time bringing this production to life at Long Beach Playhouse’s Studio Stage. Thank you to our hosts and their Collaboration Series- we truly believe it was a great partnership.
We were so honored to have the performances of Alex Bagosy, Deva Gregory, Patrick Peterson, Danny Montooth, Sarah Berman, Shelly Lee, Haley Dukelow, Elliott Clark, and Nicholas Thurkettle upon the stage. Thank you for bringing this amazing show to life!
And of course a big thank you to Elizabeth Suzanne (director), Darren Lodwick (sound design and SD director), Nicholas Thurkettle (author), and Josefine Damgaard (stage manager). Not everyone may see what you do, but your work shaped this production into a great piece of entertainment.

The Host of the Evening and the Expositors

Interested in Auditioning?

If you enjoyed our show, and have an inkling to be a part of it yourself, this Monday and Tuesday we are holding auditions for EARBUD THEATER: ESCAPE in Laguna Hills.
Performers have the opportunity to pursue being a Sound Doctor (foley artist), our host of the evening, or one of the actors playing a variety of roles with the ability of their voices.
Come join us on this exciting adventure!
EARBUD THEATER: ESCAPE is a double feature of original science fiction radio plays from the award-winning podcast Earbud Theater. Featured at this unique live performance will be “Escape! (The End of Humanity Song)”, as well as “Cushing Von Heffernan- Bite Investigator”. Both scripts are written by Nicholas Thurkettle. A joint presentation by Earbud Theater and On The Edge Theatre Productions; produced by Aurora J. Culver and Nicholas Thurkettle, directed by Nicholas Thurkettle, with sound design by Head Sound Doctor Darren Lodwick. Earbud Theater was created by Casey Wolfe.
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY- Please email Aurora Culver at ajculver@otetheatre.com to set up your audition appointment for EARBUD THEATER: ESCAPE. Further details for the audition will be emailed to you.

Auditions will be held the evenings of January 16th and 17th at Laguna Hills Community Center. Auditions will consist of performing selected readings from the show.

Rehearsals will be scheduled with actor availability taken in to account.
Performances will be at the Laguna Hills Community Center February 24th, 25th, March 3rd and 4th at 7pm, and March 4th at 2pm.