Rehearsals have begun for EARBUD THEATER: ESCAPE!

We caught a quick moment with the director, Nicholas Thurkettle, to talk about Earbud Theater.

“Earbud Theater is a creative outlet with no comparison in my life. Casey Wolfe created it as a space where imagination reigns, and over the past few years we’ve created shows that are funny, strange, poignant, terrifying, sometimes all of those feelings in a single episode! Vocally, I’ve had the chance to play a disembodied alien hyper-intelligence, a cop getting murdered by monsters, and a Chaos God with daddy issues; and as a writer, Earbud gives me the chance to tell the kind of stories that really excite me; that use the unexpected and out-of-this-world to aim at some very real truths about human nature. “Escape” should be a terrific show – it pairs one of our most emotional and thought-provoking episodes with one of our newest and out-and-out funniest. It’s a great time to pay a visit to the Earbud Lab!”


Nicholas Thurkettle is an actor, writer, and filmmaker who loves every chance he gets to collaborate with Aurora and On the Edge. He has been writing and performing with Earbud Theater since 2014 and won an Audio Verse Award for his performance as “Cthulhu Jr.” in their episode “This Monstrous Life”. He is also writer of the upcoming animated show Children of Ether on the Crunchyroll network, and author of the acclaimed short story collection Stages of Sleep. He was a fixture for five seasons at Shakespeare Orange County, playing roles like Peter Quince in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and King Duncan in Macbeth; other favorite stage roles include Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and Renfield in Dracula. In 2016 he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Love International Film Festival for his role in Reclaiming Friendship Park, and also appears in the upcoming indie features Cloudy with a Chance of SunshineAventura!Isla Vista: The Rock Opera, and The Revelator.

Show Information
EARBUD THEATER: ESCAPE is a double feature of original science fiction radio plays performed at the Heritage Theater at Laguna Hills Community Center.
Performances February 24th at 7pm, February 25th at 7pm, March 3rd at 7pm, and March 4th at 2pm & 7pm.

Laguna Hills Community Center
25555 Alicia Parkway
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

General Admission – $15
Children 12 and under are free.
To reserve your seats, email us at or call (949)689-3922.

EARBUD THEATER: ESCAPE is a joint presentation of Earbud Theater and On The Edge Theatre Productions; produced by Aurora J. Culver, directed by Nicholas Thurkettle, with sound design and direction by Darren Lodwick. Earbud Theater was created by Casey Wolfe.

Featuring the voice talents of:
Patrick Peterson
Stephanie Thomas
Paul Jasser
Chris Hunter
Alyssa Elder
Ashley Woods

And the audio talents of:
Elliot Clark
Kaitlyn Smith

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