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Auditions for this summer’s THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR are next week!

By appointment only. Please email aurorajculver@gmail.com to set up your appointment to audition for Shakespeare in the Hills 2019. Details for your audition will be emailed to you. Thank you!

Auditions will consist of performing a Shakespearean monologue. Monologues do not need to be memorized! Please choose your own. You can use the following website as a resource:
Shakespeare Monologues

You can do a monologue from any show, for any role or gender. Does not need to be memorized.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

OTE presents Shakespeare in the Hills 2019
Directed by Aurora Culver

Rehearsals and performances at the Laguna Hills Community Center
25555 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Hills, CA

Auditions May 13th and 14th by appointment. Callbacks May 15th by invitation.
Show rehearses May 23th -July 18th.
Performances will be July 19th-August 3rd, 2019.

Actors not only perform but also act as crew members. Everyone is expected to be present for his/her performance evenings and participate in setting up the show. We must set-up and breakdown the set each night. It is a team effort where each person is assigned a few tasks. It’s a lot of fun!

“O powerful Love, that in some respects makes a beast a man, in some other a man a beast.”

Sir John Falstaff and his entourage are wearing out their welcome in Windsor. The city isn’t big enough for his antics and appetites, especially as he sets about improving his financial situation by wooing Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. Meanwhile, Mistress Page’s lovely daughter, Anne, is under romantic siege from several local admirers. Double-meanings, disguises and dirty laundry abound as the men try to get what they want, but it’s the women of Windsor who pull the strings in this story…
Originally set in Shakespeare’s native land and time, this comedy shares traditions with today’s well-loved sitcoms. With its dexterous mingling of verbal and physical humor, we’ve brought it into the era of 90’s television, bringing elements from the show Friends and many more!

Checkout the facebook event for the auditions

**The Merry Wives of Windsor is a community theatre production.**

Note: We are looking for a diverse cast- accepting auditions from actors of all ethnicities and from ages 10 to 99. We are approaching this production with blind casting- roles can be played by any gender, any body type, any ethnicity. Characters will remain as written if specified (M/F), but are open for anyone to play the role. Actors may be asked to play more than one role.
SIR JOHN FALSTAFF (M), a farcical knight, overly confident in himself and often using quick schemes to make money; decides to woo Margaret Page and Alice Ford
ALICE FORD (F), high energy and apprehensive about difficult situations, quick to jump into action once a plan is set in motion; wife of Francis Ford
MARGARET PAGE (F), intelligent and quick witted, desires to be in control of everything around her and will not take no for an answer; wife of George Page and mother to Anne
ANNE PAGE (F), quiet but observant, intelligent and calculating in how to get what she wants; daughter of Margaret and George, in love with Fenton
MISTRESS QUICKLY (F), fast-talking and quick-thinking, often gets herself into trouble but just as easily gets out, a little out of touch with the rest of the world
FENTON (M), intelligent and kind, a poor young man in love with Anne Page
ROBERT SHALLOW, self confident and controlling, believes they knows best for all around them, a lawyer, cousin to Slender
ABRAHAM SLENDER, spacey and out of touch with reality, cousin to Shallow, unsuccessful in love with Anne Page
FRANCIS FORD (M), intellectual and neurotic, his unfounded jealousy tends to get him into ridiculous situations; husband to Alice Ford
GEORGE PAGE (M), reasonable and trusting, believes the best in people but sometimes misses obvious cues; husband to Margaret Page
HUGH EVANS, an elder person in the community, does not like change and detests Falstaff; a priest
DOCTOR CAIUS, a French doctor and outsider in the community, unsuccessful in love with Anne Page
BARDOLPH, PISTOL, and NYM- three of Falstaff’s cronies; always eager to get a drink and cause mischief
ROBIN, works for Falstaff
PETER SIMPLE, works for Slender
JOHN RUGBY, works for Doctor Caius

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